Facility Reservations

Studdiford offers the ability for our current members to reserve one of our facilities for their function. Members wishing to reserve either the tennis pavilion or swimming pool area must first agree to the reservation policy and understand that the reservation does not grant exclusive rights to that area.

Please click here to review the Reservation Policy and Agreement.

Reserve the Pool Area

Reserve the Tennis Pavilion

Reservation Policy

Studdiford’s facilities may be used by members of the Studdiford Property Owners Association for group functions on a pre-arranged basis.  The Studdiford POA reserves the right to change any and all terms, conditions and fees without any prior notice.

The Studdiford POA Board of Directors has established the following policies to ensure maximum enjoyment of these facilities. They are subject to change as may be deemed necessary by the Board to ensure continued enjoyment of facilities by the Association’s membership. Arrangements or questions should be made through the Pool Chair at pool@studdiford.org or for use of the pavilion by contacting the Tennis Chair at tennis@studdiford.org.

The general policies affecting private use of the facilities are:

1.       Only members of the Association may arrange for use of the Studdiford pool area and pavilion.

2.       Reservation of the pool area or pavilion does not imply exclusive use of the Facility.  Even if reserved, the areas are open to all members.

3.       Reservations for the recreational facilities are made on a first-come, first-serve basis.

4.       Reservations will be restricted to one per day.

5.       Reservations may be made for a maximum of 4 hours.

6.       If the pool is to be used and the additional attendees are 10 or more, an additional lifeguard may be required at your expense.

7.       The facility reservation date shall be secured by using the reservation calendar (see link above: "Reserve the Pool Area") .

8.       Any cleaning services or repairs required as a result of Member’s use of the facility shall be billed to Members by the Association.   

9.       Use of any Studdiford POA Facility shall be at the risk of user or users.

Facility Clean-up Checklist

To ensure that the Facility is returned to its original condition, please use the attached checklist to confirm all items have been taken care of.

1.       All trash at pavilion and/or pool has been picked up.

2.       All outdoor furniture has been returned to its original position.

3.       Decorations (if used) have been removed.

Full trash bags have been placed in available garbage receptacle located in the pool parking lot.