Outside Membership Application

Studdiford Swim and Tennis Club is currently accepting new member applications.  We have a very limited number of outside memberships available so this is on a first come basis.  Membership dues are $575.00 annually and entitles you to full use of the Swimming and Tennis facilities as well as access to all community social events.  Outside membership dues are non-refundable but if an enrolled member moves during the year, the seller may transfer membership to the buyer at time of sale for the remaining period.

For more information, contact membership@studdiford.org.

Membership Application and Renewal - Step 1 of 3

Welcome to the membership application and renewal process. This should only take a couple of minutes and then you will be able to access your account, complete your transaction and explore the restricted features of the site. If you are an existing or past member please login prior to starting this process.

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